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Learning and Teaching Grant: Supporting Indigenous Midwifery Students

Karline Wilson-Mitchell, Director Denise Mcleod, Aborignal Student Coordinator Midwifery Education Program Karline Wilson-Mitchell, director of the Midwifery Education Program (MEP), and Denise B. Mcleod, Aboriginal student coordinator for the MEP program, chose to focus on supporting Indigenous students in the midwifery program at Toronto Metropolitan University for their LTG grant. The primary goal of their […]

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Learning and Teaching Grant: Freestyle Socials

Bryan Koivisto, Professor Anthony Morgan, Science Educator and PhD Candidate Organic Chemistry Bryan Koivisto, who teaches organic chemistry at Toronto Metropolitan University, collaborated with Anthony Morgan to digitize and bring Freestyle Social into the classroom with the LTG grant. In a Freestyle Social, a question is asked and players are given 10 seconds to form […]


Rachel Dodds

Rachel Dodds Professor Course: HTM 302 – Marketing Principles Strategy: Introducing teaching through video assignments A couple of years ago, Rachel Dodds realized not only were students were getting bored of doing the same written, structured assignments, but she was getting bored of marking them. When the pandemic required her to rethink her course, she […]

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Kevin Leung

Kevin Leung Contract Lecturer Course: PSY 209 – Industrial Psychology Strategy: low-stakes knowledge checks with frequent feedback Kevin Leung mixed peer activities, debriefs, interactive readings and low-stakes testing each week in his class, during and outside class time. By focusing on student engagement and low-stakes assessments, not only did his students get to test their […]

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Rai Reece

Rai Reece Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology Course: SOC 507 – Race and Ethnicity in Canadian Society Strategy: Informal check-ins Rai Reece is an educator who feels most at home in a physical classroom where she can feed off the energy of her students. When moving to remote teaching, she wanted to preserve this energy. […]