Bryan Koivisto

Bryan Koivisto

Associate Professor

Course: CKIH 200 – Science Mentorship

Strategy: Creating podcasts and fireside virtual chats with student partners

Bryan Koivisto introduced Rye Sci Match in 2014. The non-credit course was created for Science students to explore career paths other than medical school. The incredibly popular course focused on cultivating leadership and exploring research culture to equip students with possible alternatives after graduation. The course was normally delivered through panel fireside chats and interviews with guests. 

Unfortunately, with the sudden shift to remote learning, Bryan wasn’t able to continue offering the course throughout the pandemic. When students expressed how much they missed the weekly sessions, two new approaches emerged. First, students who had taken the course previously took over the responsibility of hosting fireside chats for their peers. 

Secondly, Bryan started recording short audio clips and emailing them to his students. The positive response to these recordings prompted him to start an official podcast. Lean In: A Ryerson University Init-Together-iative has listeners all around the world. Bryan has now passed the torch to graduates of the course to host meetings and podcast episodes.

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