Content Delivery Stories

Diana Varma

Diana Varma

Contract Lecturer, Graphic Communications Management

Course: GCM 230 – Typography

Strategy: Podcasting

Diana Varma knew that Zoom fatigue and an abundance of assigned readings in many courses would tire her students. So she decided to build on her existing original podcast (Talk Paper Scissors) and create audio episodes in lieu of formal lectures to give students a break from their screens.

She experimented with different techniques when it came to delivering course content through this platform. With such a visual subject, she had to get creative in her approach. She provided students with stories and referred to visuals in the course textbook which allowed them to imagine these stories easily. 

In addition, she interviewed industry professionals and hosted talk show-like revision sessions. These sessions also featured fictional awards for the winner who got to make an acceptance speech. 

In order to appeal to different learning styles, she provided transcripts with links for students who might prefer reading lecture notes and seeing examples.

Based on the positive feedback she received from students, she has continued to incorporate podcasting in her courses. Since this recording, Diana has introduced elements of podcasting into two other courses; in one instance showcasing 12 students’ original research work in their own voices, and in the other as a way to capture conversations of guest speakers so that they can be accessible after the course has ended.