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Ian Young

Ian Young

Assistant Professor, School of Occupational and Public Health

Course: POH 103 – Data Management

Strategy: Custom video tutorials

As part of the Blended Learning Lab, Ian developed two weeks of asynchronous modules using a combination of video tutorials from LinkedIn Learning and practice files to teach students the fundamentals of using Microsoft Excel for data analysis.

In the fall of 2020, Ian decided to create his own video tutorials instead of using the ones from LinkedIn Learning. There was some concern that there would be an interruption in access to this platform, however the tutorials were not specifically intended for the analysis of health data. So, using Zoom, he recorded his own tutorials that he could quickly share with his students.

In addition to the video tutorials, Ian pre-records his lectures, provides problems to solve before class, and holds live sessions for questions and feedback. Students are also given a short quiz each week with unlimited attempts that they can take in order to check their understanding.