Communication and Engagement Stories

Jan Matejovic

Jan Matejovic

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biology

Courses: CHY 204: Biochemistry I

Strategy: Minor adjustments, prioritizing consistency

Jan’s approach to remote teaching was to maintain consistency for his students as much as possible.

In CHY 204, he was teaching the same group of students he had taught in-person and wanted to make sure they knew what to expect during a time of uncertainty.

There were small adjustments, like the way he gave marks for in-class engagement, and holding virtual meetings with teams working on group assignments.

And there was the inevitable change: conducting class from home instead of a classroom.

Jan soon realized this gave him a way to connect to his class on a more personal level. They would ask about the posters on his walls and they gained a class mascot — his pet bunny.

Between the live online classes and virtual meetings, he felt like he and his students had gotten to know each other better than they ever had before.