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Medhat Shehata

Dr. Medhat Shehata

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Course: CVL 533 – Concrete Materials

Strategy: Lab video demonstrations

With much of the learning traditionally occurring in labs within his department, Medhat Shehata had to find a creative solution to mimic the in person experience in a remote environment.

However, instead of applying a perfect solution, he deliberately opted for an imperfect one.

Over the summer, Medhat arranged to record virtual lab sessions at Ryerson that included missteps and less-than ideal procedures. The production value wasn’t perfect, the results weren’t the best, but that was all by design.

The lab videos allowed the students to review and discuss what could have been done better. In live sessions, they added their comments in the chat. Afterwards, they prepared lab reports, just like they would have done had they completed the lab themselves.