Communication and Engagement Stories

Janice Rudkowski

Janice Rudkowski

Assistant Professor, Retail Management

Course: RMG400 – Merchandise Planning and Buying I; RMG907 – Relationship Marketing

Strategy: Building rapport in the virtual classroom

Janice Rudkowski always looked forward to greeting her students in person at the beginning of the semester. With the new virtual classroom setting, she adapted other ways to build rapport with her students. 

Janice noticed that her students were joining her Zoom class at the hour instead of the usual Ryerson time of 10 minutes past the hour. She used to this time to get to know her students and build momentum prior to the lecture and in class activities. 

She particularly appreciated how students would answer their peers’ questions using the chat function and described it as a great dynamic during the lecture. 

Although the transition to virtual learning was different, Janice discovered what elements of learning are better delivered virtually and what elements are better delivered in person. Through the online teaching environment, she knows to better enhance the total learning experience for students.