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Janie Goldstein

Janie Goldstein

Lecturer, Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Courses: ENT 501/CENT 501 – Family Business in Canada

Strategy: Offering multiple engagement opportunities

Janie Goldstein’s approach to remote learning was to make live classes as engaging and interactive as possible.

Each week, she would start by asking students what words came to mind related to that week’s subject. From there, she would use breakout rooms, shared documents, surveys, and every other method at her disposal to get her students involved during class.

At the end of each session, students would submit a reflection on what they had learned. This supported her students’ learning in three ways. First, they were given the opportunity to synthesized what they had gained from the class. Second, Janie was able to gauge how students were progressing and find gaps in understanding that she could address in a future class. Finally, she shared some of her students’ insights anonymously with the class for those who had missed the live session, or for those who wanted to review and learn from their peers.