Communication and Engagement Stories

Martin Habekost

Dr. Martin Habekost

Associate Chair and Associate Professor, School of Graphic Communications Management

Course: GCM 110 – Introduction to Graphic Communications Management

Strategy: Multiple channels of communication

In Martin Haberkost’s lecture, every class starts with 10 minutes of music and lively conversation in the Zoom chat.

For Martin, this not only set the tone for his students, but for himself. By starting each session with an upbeat, open and engaging atmosphere, he found he was excited to go to class. His students responded to his excitement with positive feedback and active engagement during class.

Throughout class, students are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the content. Lectures are sprinkled with multimedia and discussion.

Martin has found he is connecting with students even more than he did in person through the use of the chat. He found students were less intimidated and more likely to ask questions this way than by raising their hand in a traditional classroom.