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Michael Dick

Michael Dick

Contract Lecturer, School of Professional Communication

Course: CMN279 – Introduction to Professional Communication

Strategy: Synchronous Q&A sessions

Even though the course Michael Dick teaches was online before the pandemic, there were still significant adjustments needed to respond to his students’ needs.

Introduction to Professional Communication is delivered through a simulation platform, where students take on roles as consultants and work in different scenarios over the term. This allows students to learn communication techniques through various tasks at their own pace.

Michael and the teaching team recognized that the need for students to have contact with each other and with faculty was even more important in a fully remote learning environment. Isolation was a big concern, and they didn’t want students to get left behind.

Through discussion boards, Q&A sessions and open office hours, he and the teaching team offered synchronous opportunities in what had previously been a fully asynchronous course. Together, they ensured their students felt supported through this challenging time.