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Beverlee Buzon

Beverlee Buzon

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biology

Course: BMS 500 – Human Genetics

Strategy: Themed learning groups

In Beverlee Buzon’s fourth-year human genetics class, the students had rarely met each other before stepping into the classroom. She noticed this led students to feel shy about contributing to class discussions and asking questions.

To address this in her remote classroom, Beverlee divided the class into learning groups.

Each group of five or six students focused on one genetic disorder. Each week, they would apply the course content to the disorder. Then, they’d meet as a group with Beverlee for 2o minutes to discuss their findings.

The groups also worked on other projects together and spent much of the course working as a team. This allowed them to have a more intimate experience with the course. They were able to build trust and confidence in their small groups. Some even made lifelong friends along the way.